Emen Billing features

Emen Billing is Mobile Billing Application with Cloud Base web login option with auto synchronize, It’s dedicated to all Agri Shop Owners (Like Seeds, Pesticides, Fertilizers etc.)

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  • Easy to Use BY application, web Login, & Offline Software - Single login with multiple Company.

  • 10. Easy to Tax Calculation, Auto Payment Reminders through SMS & What’s APP.

  • Billing & Inward through Photo Section of Category, Company & Product.

  • Can get easily Current Stock Status & Gov. Approved Stock Statements

  • Preset & custom Reminders Like(Due Payment, Stock Expire, Low Stock, greetings, Information, Etc.)

  • Anytime & anywhere Custom & detail wise No Of reports like(category, customer, product, sales, purchase, GST, P&L, etc.)

  • Easy to get Daily, weekly, Monthly & yearly sales & Purchase information.

  • Dailey Sales, Purchase, expense, and Cash on hand reports with Day closing Option.

  • Billing, Reports, Reminders, Receipts can Print & Share through(What’s App, SMS, Email, PDF) anytime & anywhere.

  • 24 x 7 Service & Supports by(Call Center, Sales & Support Executive, Video Tutorials & Online), 13. Unlimited Updates.

AboutEmen Billing

Emen Billing run main Three component of Company call “Easy, Smart & Secure”

Mr. Ravi B. Patel is Director of Sales & Marketing in Gujarat Pesticides, they are working in market since 1978. Somehow, they rectified problem of agro dealer & distributors to handle his business accounting without any Knowledge and equipment of modern technology.He discussed current Agri Shop owner’s problem and survey market, meet no of Agri shop owners and talk with all of them about his difficulties to run business and note them out and finally they develop a product call “EMEN BILLING” to solve his each and every problems of Agri Shop business and even though they get more benefits everyday opration from his existing or new business. From using of this product you can put your business in “Auto Mode”.

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Emen Billing - Run main Three component of Company call “Easy, Smart & Secure”

Emen Billing - Easy Mobile Application with Multi Language

Emen Billing Billing Application you don’t need any kind of knowledge to operate computer or any specific person to maintain you shop Account through Software or Billing Application. Any kind age of people can operate EASY Emen Billing, the main key element of the “EMEN BILLING” is it’s just selection of category, company or product through photos while billing or purchase.

Emen Billing - Smart Mobile Application with Multi Language

Emen Billing Handel your business SMARTLEY like getting any number of custom Reports, auto handle all type of preset or costume reminders and handle all customer billing through smart control system, with any stage of status and situation.

Emen Billing - Secure Mobile Application with Multi Language

All data is store cloud base so you can access any kind of data anytime and anywhere, even though this data SECURLEY stored in encrypted format so it’s hard to read or still data from server or web without legal authorization.